How do you maximise your exit valuation?
Take the free Readiness Assessment to discover how you can maximise your exit valuation. Get your unique score and specific recommendations so you can start implementing ways to improve your valuation today.
Assess your business against the 5 critical drivers of value...
  • Financial Health
    Entrepreneurs believe that profit is what matters most in a new enterprise. But profit is secondary. Cash flow matters most. How does your business stack up? Are you chasing unhealthy revenue? Do your KPIs align to what's important?
  • Market Positioning
    Solve real customer problems and differentiate yourself in the market. Is your business model scalable? Do you have a unique value proposition? Are you in a fast-growing market?
  • Growth Strategy
    Growth is not just about finding new clients/customers, it's also about retaining existing ones. Are you leveraging the best sales channels? Are you existing customers coming back again and again? Do you have the right sales approach and talent?
  • Operational Efficiency
    Get your business running like a well oiled machine. Are you attracting and retaining the best talent? Is your back-office running smoothly? Are your business processes enabling you to succeed or holding you back?
  • Exit Readiness
    Being exit ready is more than about your business, it's also about you. Can you management team operate without you? Are you already talking to M&A professionals? What's your roadmap to exit so you can maximise value?
How does it work?
Answer 15 simple questions. You'll get an overall score, as well as a breakdown for each of the five critical drivers of value as proven by our team who have worked with more 100 businesses like yours.

It's free and only takes 2 minutes. Afterwards you'll receive a personalised report with specific recommendations you can implement to make your business more valuable today.
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Who is Headmark Advisory?
We are an entrepreneurial advisory and private investment company helping small-to-medium-sized enterprises and scale-ups to maximise their exits. We believe that by bringing together our experience, people, capital and ideas we create opportunity to grow and build value.

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  • Hugh Simpson
    Entrepreneur and Investor, Founder of Headmark Advisory
    "Scaling and exiting your business can be challenging, frustrating and costly. We focus on what actually creates value."
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